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About Us

I wanted to create this site for the new soccer parent that did not know much of anything about the sport. But now is an eat, sleep, soccer, repeat parent, that loves every minute of it.

For many years I have wanted to create this blog about our boy's soccer journey from the point of view of an American Soccer Dad who never played and did not pay much attention to the sport growing up. There has been a lot to learn, and I thought that building this site could be a resource in helping others what to expect on their journey.

I have one child who is 13, playing in the NW ECNL and with the Timbers ODP. My oldest has just turned 16 and is beginning to think a little about what might be next, college ball or not. Meanwhile, he still has an exciting two years of High-School Soccer and of club soccer. His club participates in OYSA currently.

Overall the site is dedicated to my boys. Through our experiences, I hope you can learn more about what might be possible for your child if they become serious about Football.

That's right; I called it Football. If you are serious about Soccer, it is called Football, not Soccer. If you want to keep calling it Soccer, that's fine, but it only makes sense to call it Football because that is what it is.

Okay, that was your first lesson; now, over the next year, I will revisit some of the experiences I had when there were times I had thought, "man, if someone had told me about that, I could have done a little better planning for our family.

When this journey started, I needed some resources but did not know what existed or what type of resources I even needed. Maybe I was lazy or didn't have a considerable interest in finding more information, but I hope to share some of those resources I have since found out about throughout this website.

Meanwhile, check out the Dad's Journal. You can learn a lot about youth Soccer in the US by checking out their experiences in many blog posts.

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