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Backyard Trainings

Are you looking for someone who can be a mentor for your soccer player? Noah and Mathias can help your player with their skills and other challenges of being a youth soccer player.

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Update: During late Summer into Fall, our family schedules transition and start to get busy, so there is no current set time for backyard training. So please contact us to arrange a day and time.

Mathias and Noah create fluid training sessions that help with your player's technical skills. Technical skills focus on moves, touch, passing, and shooting. Other topics will also be introduced, such as strength training, stretching, and speed drills.

Each training session is one hour with a group of 2-4 participants. If you know of someone with a similar skill level, sign up for training together. You can contact us below.

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Mathias is our primary contact person. He will share everything you need to know about the trainings. Please contact him and he can give you all the information you will need.