Mathias completes his club and HS season with a record of 18-1-5 for the year. Earns a new nickname.

Mathias has had quite the year playing soccer.

During the fall high school season his team went 11-0-3 with a goal differential of 78 to 6.

Now, he just finished up the club season and went 7-1-2 with a goal differential of 21-7. Only one loss in 24 matches.

One of his best successes for the year has been his skill at regaining possession when his team looses the ball. A couple of years ago I gave him the nickname “The Gnat” but he has become so skilled at repossessing the ball and he has grown a lot, that I had to come up with a new nickname that is a bit more respectable. “The Repo Man” shot by @picturethispdx

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